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  • Q: What is the next step if I'm interested?
    Schedule your virtual consultation with us via link below. A follow up email will follow, with the zoom link to the point of contact and email provided.
  • Q: Is there a workshop agenda?
    The workshop agenda is tailored or customized to group needs. This is determined during the consultation call. Once the workshop date and time is confirmed, a finalized agenda will follow.
  • Q: What is the cost?
    This is determined after the consultation call. Estimate does not vary whether the workshop is conducted in person or virtually.
  • Q: Is there travel costs associated?
    Yes, if there is a need to travel outside the DC Metropolitan area.
  • Q: Are virtual workshops available?
    Yes, we conduct workshops virtually.


We're looking forward to connecting with you! If you couldn't find your answer in our FAQ above, reach out by filling out the contact form below. ⇣

Thanks for reaching out! A member of the Inner Elegance team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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