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6 Steps to Your Authentic Journey

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We each have the innate desire to feel free and at ease. But many times, we end up experiencing the opposite in life. Some of us fail to understand we create our own reality, and the power ultimately lies within us to harness the person we are meant to become. It is through self-awareness that we begin to heal and awaken ourselves to our true nature. It is through cultivating and nourishing the relationship we have with 'self' that we begin to embody a different way of being, see things from a different perspective, and experience life differently. When we reclaim and step into our authentic power, the art in which we express who we are in the world becomes effortless. Are you ready to start your authentic journey? In this course, you will learn the 6 key principles to mastering effortless and to unlocking your authentic self-expression. It is the process of becoming the best version of YOU. Each section comes with an audio lesson and journal reflections, along with a short guided meditation in the end. Lesson 1: Beyond the clothes: Why clothing is powerful Lesson 2: Get to know YOU: Getting acquainted with your subconscious Lesson 3: What new story will you write?: Changing the narrative Lesson 4: Build a first class self-image: Writing a new script of YOU Lesson 5: Visualize the best version of YOU: Getting clear on who you aspire to be Lesson 6: Take aligned action: Your authentic journey begins with you

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