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Image & Style

Claim the image and embrace the style that reflects your aspirations.

Empowered Growth

Executive workshops are 60-90 minutes, tailored to group or organizational needs. Workshops can be conducted virtually or in-person.

A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Image & Style

During the workshop, you’ll explore and discover…

  • Concept of identity 

  • How your image influences your style 

  • How your image shapes you, personally and professionally

  • Tangible tools to form a new image that mirrors your goals and aspirations

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IMG_7544 (3)_edited.jpg

After the workshop, you’ll gain…

  • Techniques to build and cultivate the ideal style/wardrobe that reflects you, your values, and lifestyle

  • Better clarity on the future image of YOU

  • Knowledge and tools to begin applying to BE who you aspire to become

  • Greater self-awareness


  • Q: What is the next step if I'm interested?
    Schedule your virtual consultation with us via link below. A follow up email will follow, with the zoom link to the point of contact and email provided.
  • Q: Is there a workshop agenda?
    The workshop agenda is tailored or customized to group needs. This is determined during the consultation call. Once the workshop date and time is confirmed, a finalized agenda will follow.
  • Q: What is the cost?
    This is determined after the consultation call. Estimate does not vary whether the workshop is conducted in person or virtually.
  • Q: Is there travel costs associated?
    Yes, if there is a need to travel outside the DC Metropolitan area.
  • Q: Are virtual workshops available?
    Yes, we conduct workshops virtually.

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