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Anne Marie Johnson

Anne Marie Johnson, founder and owner of DC-based lifestyle and clothing brand Bitter Grace, is committed to promoting conscious fashion. While she aims to raise awareness and create more empowered consumers through education and transparency, her greatest mission is to be a guiding source for individuals toward authentic self-expression, empowering them to embrace the style that mirrors their aspirations.


Johnson advocates for sustainable fashion, emphasizing wearability and longevity. She provides individual, executive, and corporate consulting services, leading individuals to investing in pieces that resonate with lifestyle and personal values. Bitter Grace is not only a brand but also a beacon of mindful consumption, fostering a community that celebrates both individuality and sustainability.

Andrew Johnson

Embarking on a transformative path, I left behind a twenty year career in construction to champion financial education for families and businesses. Committed to fostering economic empowerment, I now dedicate my efforts to illuminate the intricacies of financial literacy, aiming to create a more financially resilient community.


Monica Sherese

Hello! I'm Monica Sherese. Always a New Yorker, I've lived in the DC Metro area for nearly 20 years. I'm a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School and am also a Strategy Consultant and Personal Stylist.


With nearly 25 years of experience, I specialize in helping women transform the relationship they have with themselves such that they are fully empowered in every area of life, and have alignment between their inner self-portrait and outward self-expression.  I've combined my skills in strategic consulting with neuroscience and enclothed cognition to offer a unique approach to life coaching that utilizes development of a Future Self identity to powerfully step into, utilizing personal image as a powerful catalyst for transformation. I'm committed to unleashing the magic that arises when high-achieving women awaken to the juiciness of life and set a powerful intention to live into alignment with what matters most to them. I believe that at no other time in history have women been better positioned for success in all pursuits whether creative, corporate, or entrepreneurial. The key is confidence, and it is time for us to step up, show out and embody the success we deserve!

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